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Apr 23 2018

Open GEE moves to modern C++

By Open GEE Development Team

Hello Everyone!

The Open GEE Development Team would like to make a special announcement about an effort to upgrade our usage of C++ to a more modern standard. As of release Open GEE 5.2.3, we will begin compiling Open GEE code using the C++11 standard.

C++11 was a major new release of C++ with many new features to help with better memory management, performance, and developer productivity. We want the development experience on Open GEE to be a positive and fun experience. Using standards that are 20 years old isn’t fun especially when the newer standards offer many benefits therefore we felt this change was needed.

To ensure a smoother transition we are asking that for the duration of Open GEE 5.2.3 development, code still remains compilable and functioning as expected using the older C++98 standard. However, once Open GEE 5.2.3 branch is created then any new code pushed into master and any other future branches is free to use the C++11 syntax without this restriction and we will no longer support compiling Open GEE C++ code using the C++98 standard.

We wanted to establish this transition period to be sure there were no major side effects from changing to the new C++11 compilation flag. In some cases we had to add C++11 syntax but we were careful to make sure that the code still compiled and functioned as expected using C++98 standards too.

The Open GEE Development Team is committed to keeping the Open GEE source code relevant and updated. We will continue to make future enhancements to bring the source code up to more modern standards and technologies.

-Open GEE Development Team