The Latest in Open GEE

Sep 12 2017

5.2.0 Release Announcement

By Alexander Hernandez

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to bring you the news of Open GEE’s 5.2.0 Release! We’ve been working hard to create the first official release since the project was open sourced. Here are some highlights of the changes:

Open Sourcing: Open GEE 5.2.0 includes a number of changes that were necessary for the open sourcing effort. This includes several library replacements, library unbundling, removal of obsolete code and libraries, changes to support new compilers, updates to support Git and GitHub, and several changes to bring the documentation in line with 5.2.0.

New Installers: Previous GEE installers used proprietary tools that are not appropriate for open source projects. Open GEE 5.2.0 includes new installers that run as bash scripts. There are also new build and install scripts for the Portable Server. We will continue to improve the installers, create distribution libraries and add additional platform support like CentOS/RHEL 6.x in future versions.

New Tutorial Files: Images used in the Fusion tutorial are now provided in both GeoTIFF and JPEG2000 format. In addition, the tutorial files are stored and downloaded separately from the rest of the Open GEE code.

JPEG2000: JPEG2000 was originally supported in the commercial version with proprietary libraries. In Open GEE 5.2.0 JPEG2000 support is back using the open source library OpenJPEG.

TLS 1.2: TLS 1.2 is now enabled by default with Open GEE. In addition, TLS 1.0 is also available if needed. The latest version of the Enterprise Client, 7.3.0, also supports TLS.

Supported Platforms: Lastly, we’ve got an updated list of platforms that will run Open GEE. Here is the current list of supported Operating Systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.x, including the most recent security patches
  • CentOS 7.x
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS

To download this release see the release page. The full release notes can also be found here.

A big thank you to all of the contributors who helped make this release possible! We now return you to your regularly scheduled 5.2.1 development, already in progress.