Why Open GEE?

An open source geospatial solution with a vibrant community and loads of features.

Loads of Features

An enterprise, production ready geospatial stack with over 13 years of development behind it.

Large Datasets

Store and process petabytes of imagery, terrain and vector data on your own server infrastructure.

Build Your Own Globe

Fusion and Server, that work together to build and host your private Google Earth and Google Maps layers. Portable server to take cuts of fused terrain and imagery data into mobile environments.

Community Supported

Google Earth Enterprise partners are committed to supporting Open GEE.

Use Cases

Some Google Earth Enterprise tricks.

Join the great team of engineers making Google Earth Enterprise better.


A production ready open source geospatial solution for everyone!


Anytime, anywhere access.

Intuitive Viewers

Supports Google Earth Desktop Client and Google Maps out of the box.

More than Just Imagery

Fuse Vector Maps, 3D models, and 3D Terrain into a 3D Globe or 2D Map.

Unlimited Scaleability

Use a platform that can install and run on anything from Google’s cloud to your own and serve up petabytes of imagery to your users

Portable Globes

Access your geospatial data in the field in a client/disconnected local-server configuration

Support for OGC Standards

Support for OGC standards like WMS.

Years supported and enhanced
Petabytes of imagery processed
Happy Customers
Cups of Coffee Consumed by Dev Team

After almost 12 years of updates and enhancements of GEE Fusion, GEE Server, and GEE Portable, the Google Earth Enterprise product is now open source on Github.