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Mar 20 2018

5.2.1 Release Announcement

By Open GEE Development Team

Hi Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release Open GEE 5.2.1! This is a comprehensive update of Open GEE 5.2.0. It contains new features, several bug fixes in Fusion and GEE Server, and updates to third-party libraries. Some of the new features include:

MrSID support: At build time, Open GEE checks for MrSID libraries and, if found, Fusion will be built with MrSID raster format support.

RPM Installers: For RedHat and CentOS, RPMs can now be built to provide easier installation. For Ubuntu, the installer scripts continue to be the supported method to install Open GEE.

JPEG2000 performance boost: Updated version of OpenJPEG2000 library has considerable performance increase.

Controlling quality of terrain.: Command-line tool gepackgen producing packets now accepts a decimation value. In general, reducing the decimation value for terrain produces higher-quality and better-looking terrain.

Testing scripts enhanced: and scripts now publish the pushed databases.

Detailed version info: Version number displayed in user interface shows detailed information indicating an official release or a development build.

Continuous Integration: Travis CI is used for continuous integration. On every new commit to Open GEE a build is executed to validate the committed changes.

To download this release see the release page. The full release notes can also be found here.

A big thank you to all of the contributors who helped make this release possible! The next release, Open GEE 5.2.2, development is already in progress. Would you like to be part of the project ? Please join us at Slack and visit the project’s Github repository. We would love to see you there.

-Open GEE Development Team