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Add .kip imagery

GEE can use pre-processed imagery in Keyhole Imagery Product (.kip) format. Each .kip folder has a corresponding Keyhole Mask Product (.kmp) folder that contains the mask for the imagery. The corresponding folders have the same name.

To add .kip imagery to the asset tree:

  1. Store each .kip/.kmp folder pair in the same directory.
  2. Set read-and-execute permissions for the keyhole:users account.
  3. Use the khnewimageryasset --havemask command to add the files. Specify the asset name, the provider information (USGS), and the location of the .kip folder. For example, if city_one.kip and city_one.kmp are in /gevol/src/preprocessed/noame/usa/, the command is:

    genewimageryasset --havemask --provider (PROVIDER_KEY) -o path/to/asset/in/tree/gevol/src/preprocessed/noame/usa/city_one.kip

  4. Repeat this step for each .kip/.kmp combination you want to add.

You can access the assets from the Fusion Asset Manager whenever you want to use them in imagery projects. You're still required to build each asset in the system, but the build time will be insignificant because each .kip/.kmp combination is pre-processed.