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Settings page

Click Settings gear icon icon in the GEE Server Admin console to:

Perform GLC Assembly

Create new Glc globes from existing globes (Glm/Glb):
  1. Enter a name and description for the new Glc.
  2. Paste Polygon KML for use with the new globe.
  3. Select either 2d layers to build a Glc using selected layers of existing Glm files, or 3d layers to build a Glc using Glb files at the layers.
  4. Click Assemble Glc

Glc files are added to the default globes directory when they are created.

See Create composite globes and maps.

Perform Glc disassembly

Extract Glm/Glb files:
  1. Select a Glc to disassemble.
  2. Enter a New output directory where the files will be placed.
  3. Click Disassemble Glc.

See Create composite globes and maps.

Launch Cutter

Create a new Glm/Glb from published Fusion databases or Portable globes (Glm/Glb, not Glc):
  1. Select a source map.
  2. Enter a name and description for the offline map.
  3. Choose to Overwrite existing globes with the same name.
  4. Choose a Region Selection method:
    1. Manual: Manually draw the boundaries of your region using the polygon button in the top right of the map. 
    2. Paste KML: Define your region by pasting a KML file.
  5. Specify a World level; this represents the highest resolution at which the entire world will be available.
  6. Optionally use the zoom buttons in the lower right of the map to change your zoom level. This represents the highest resolution at which the data within the region of interest will be available. 
  7. Click Cut map

The cut progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Upon successful completion, the globe is saved to the default globes directory.

See Create portable globes and maps.

View Apache logs

View Apache logs for troubleshooting errors or unexpected behavior with GEE Server.