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Release notes: GEE 5.0.1

This document includes the following information about the Google Earth Enterprise 5.0.1 release:


GEE 5.0.1 is an incremental release of GEE 5.0. It includes library updates and fixes to several bugs.

Supported Platforms

The Google Earth Enterprise 5.0.1 release is supported on 64-bit versions of the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 6.0 to 6.5, including the most recent security patches
  • CentOS 6.5
  • Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 LTS

Google Earth Enterprise 5.0.1 is compatible with Google Earth Enterprise Client (EC) and Plugin versions 7.0.1 - for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Library Updates

Google Maps JavaScript Maps API V3:


Apache HTTP Server:

Libattr extended file attributes:

  • Updated from libattr 2.4.46 to version 2.4.47.

Openssl update to address `vulnerabilities: <>`_

  • Updated openssl from v0.9.8r to v0.9.8y.

Known Issues

Number Description Workaround
12239387 For databases that include historical imagery, if you turn on Historical imagery in Google Earth EC and move the time slider to the current time, the most recent database in your historical imagery does not display correctly. When you move the time slider to view the current database, turn off Historical imagery to display the database correctly.
14463855 In GEE Server, when publishing a database or portable, the publish point you specify is now case-insensitive. Upper and lower case are not differentiated. Specify unique publish point path names. If you have already specified publish points that are distinguished only by case, such as “Google” and “google,” Unpublish, specify unique publish points, then Publish again.
15221527 In GEE Server, when cutting a globe or map, the Cancel operation does not stop all associated processes.

Before you begin the cutting process, create a kill script as follows:

> sudo vi /opt/google/bin/kill_uid

ps -eF | grep $1 | grep -v grep | awk ‘{print $2}’ | xargs kill -9

> sudo chmod 755 /opt/google/bin/kill_uid

Start a cut. If you need to cancel it, do the following steps:

  • Copy the uid from the script window. It will be in the paths used in the commands and will look something like 14845_1401320450.614644.

  • Click the Cancel button.

  • Kill any cutting processes on the server. For example: > sudo /opt/google/bin/kill_uid 14845_1401320450.614644

    Note Because you are stopping the cutting process in the JavaScript, your script should only need to kill one process, i.e., the last process that was started.

11736928 Terrain copyright information listed in the Provider Manager does not display on the published globe in Google Earth EC. No workaround.
14291339 Hebrew label characters that read right to left, for example, “מִבְחָן” get rendered in reverse, for example, “ןחָבְמִ”. This issue only applies to 2D databases. This example can be resolved as follows: “מִבְחָן”.split(“”).reverse().join(“”)

Resolved Issues

Number Description Resolution
13010755 You can add the Google Base Map as imagery for map databases but viewing a map database in a browser currently requires creating and editing a copy of /opt/google/gehttpd/htdocs/maps_google.html, one HTML file for each map published. Fixed. No editing of maps_google.html required. Note that resolution allows using only Google Base Map or the Google Base Map and an imagery layer. See i Using Google Base Map..
14357181 When running the Cutter command, the Apache server connection may not close correctly after the background process has completely executed, leading to a build failure of the portable globe or map. Fixed. The Apache server now closes the connection appropriately after the cutting process has completed.
14105700 Portable globes and maps may become unregistered and unpublished from GEE Server when the i /globes directory becomes temporarily unavailable. Fixed. If you have registered and/or published portable files that are no longer available in your /globes directory, use the geserveradmin –portable_cleanup <../fusionAdministration/commandReference> command to clean up portable globes registration information. The cleanup unregisters/unpublishes portable globes or maps that have been removed from your /globes directory.
11315730 Uninstalling GEE Fusion 5.x prevents GEE Server 5.x from running; likewise uninstalling GEE Server 5.x prevents GEE Fusion 5.x from running. Fixed. Uninstalling either Fusion or GEE Server does not impact the running of the remaining installed component. However, do make sure that you continue to use the same release versions of Fusion and GEE Server to avoid any compatibility issues.
13232808 Portable globes (*.glc) without a timestamp in the Manage portable dialog may not be registered with GEE Server. Fixed.
15274582 In rare circumstances, tiles may be missing from vector data in 2D portable files. Fixed.
14463855 GEE Server fails when publishing to different publish points that are only distinguished by case, such as “Google” and “google.” Fixed. In GEE Server, when publishing a database or portable, the publish point you specify is now case-insensitive. Upper and lower case are not differentiated. Make sure you specify unique publish point path names.
3941714 The GLC assembly tool doesn’t clean up files correctly after a composite globe or map is created. Fixed.
13941482 The GLC assembly tool uses the <code>/tmp/</code> directory for composite globe or map processing, which is frequently on a limited partition space. Fixed. GLC assembly now uses the /opt/google/gehttpd/htdocs/cutter/globes/.globe_builder directory for composite file processing, i.e., the same volume as your Portable globes directory.
13931811 When deleting a layer and rebuilding a .glc, sometimes the GLC assembly tool does not appear to remove the layer. Fixed.
13916427 The display of the build progress window of the GLC assembly tool is delayed when clicking Assemble Glc. Fixed.
13916422 The pan and zoom controls in the Cutter tool window are partially obscured by the Create new offline map panel. Fixed. The pan and zoom controls are now hidden.
12239387 Historical imagery from 5.x-generated imagery projects display incorrectly. Fixed. Support added for displaying historical imagery from 5.x-generated imagery projects. There is still one remaining issue which requires turning off historical imagery in order to see the most current database in the current version of Google Earth EC. See <a href=”#KnownIssues”>Known Issues</a>.
13889571 When entering subsequent search parameters in a search tab in Google Earth EC, search results from previous query parameters persist in subsequent searches. Fixed.
13584831 Search parameters that include quotes are not supported. Fixed. Note that the comma delimiter cannot be quoted, so the workaround is “38”,”-122.2”, not “38, -122.2”. Just quoting either the latitude or the longitude will also work.
13498453 When clicking on an item in search results in Google Earth EC that include the FlyToSpot query parameter, a javascript error may occur. Fixed.
13609551 The Push option available in the context menu when clicking on a database asset that has no valid versions. Fixed.
13680266 When clicking on a search result that returns a single item in Google Earth EC, a javaScript error may occur. Fixed. Limits the search bounds when only one search result is returned and prevents the zoom level from exceeding level 17 for 2D and 3D databases.
11352561 There is no option to set a suggestion for a top-level search, typically POI search, in the <strong>Publish</strong> dialog. Fixed. Added a text field to set “suggestion” for top-level search to enable override of default suggestion of “Point of interest”, e.g., and option to set it to an empty string.
1115030 Uninstalling Fusion or Server from /opt/google/install fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. Fixed.
13459510 Publishing to the same target in GEE Server may unpublish the database. Fixed.
12362796 Databases may disappear from GEE Server after non-use over a period of several days. Fixed
12891539 Search service incorrectly handles UTF-8 encoding query for 2D maps. Fixed.
12995368 Missing interface control for setting <em>polygon resolution</em> in the GEE Server Cutter tool. Fixed by adding the Advanced option in the GEE Server Cutter tool to set the polygon resolution. See Creating portable globes and maps.
12981516 Limited support of UTF-8 encoded queries for geplaces search. Fixed. Improved the support of UTF-8 encoded queries for geplaces search, e.g., cities.
11715339 The Preview option in the GEE Server Admin console Databases window fails to display any preview for Fusion 3D databases. Fixed /opt/google/gehttp/htdocs/earth/earth_local.html to point to the correct publish point.
12671863 Support flyToFirstElement as additional query parameter for the search services. See Create Search tabs. Fixed.
8115171 Document Unable to make reservation error msg. Fixed.
8114492 Document :Unable to find a suitable resource provider error msg. Fixed.
11051993 In certain cases, if a globe is corrupt or permissions are incorrectly set, the GEE Server will crash. Fix returns more information about damaged globes.
12371493 Some databases that were not successfully published still appear in the GEE Server admin page. Fix introduces better error checking.
11435585 Changing the port of Earth Server breaks GEE Server admin commands. Fix adds port check to match Apache server.
9765322 Vector polygons are rendered in the wrong location in certain cases. Fixed in the polygon pipeline.
7737928 Cannot build the tutorial SF Terrain project without including WorldTopography terrain resource. Fixed.
11254639 KML template should have no references to Fixed.
11134962 Horizontal black lines appear at tile boundaries. Fix in the imagery processing pipeline.
11022364 Issues Installing 5.x on top of 4.4. Fixed installer to improve upgrade process.
7442639 GEE supports only one field per custom Search tab in EC 6.2 and later.

Fixed. The 5.0.1 release supports multiple fields in EC 6.2 and all later versions. To include multiple Search tab fields for EC 6.2 or later

  • Go to GEE Server admin console at http://localhost/admin.
  • Click Search tabs.
  • Click Create new.
  • Enter your first field definition, then click Add field. You can add as many fields as you want.