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Unable to make reservationΒΆ

Error message

Not enough disk space to make reservation for output files. Task <task_name>: unable to make reservation <volume>/<path>:<size>


Fusion was unable to allocate space for the output files before building the resource. This error is typically a result of insufficient disk space for the Fusion output files, although it might be the result of some other I/O problem on the volume.


Run df -h to see if you have space left on the asset root partition. If you are low on space, use geserveradmin to delete some of the old databases that have been published to the server and then run garbagecollect to clean up the old data. You can also use the geclean command to remove the asset version, and geserveradmin --deletedb to remove published databases. You should also verify ownership and permissions on the asset root and check that mount points are intact.