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Manually halt the cutter process

Sometimes, a globe cutting procedure might be interrupted from the GEE Portable Globe Cutting web page. This can result in a “runaway” or “zombie” process on the system that hosts the Portable Globe Cutter tool. These processes must be halted at the operating system level.

The GEE Portable Globe Cutting system uses the command line tools listed below. You can search for these as processes on the operating system:


You can use either of these methods to halt the processes from the command line:

  • Invoke the Linux top command and look for any of the command line tools in the active process list. To stop the processes directly from the top command, press the k key and enter the process id number.
  • Invoke the Linux ps command and search for any of the command line tools. For example: ps aux | grep geportable. If you find a process, you can halt it with the kill command: kill -9 process id