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Cutter tool system information

When using the Portable Globe Cutter tool:

  • Building a portable globe is CPU and disk I/O intensive and can impact GEE Server operation for the duration of the build.
  • You can implement user authentication for the GEE Portable Globe Cutter web page with standard Apache web server user authentication. By default, the Cutter web page is accessible to all users who create their own globes.
  • The portable globe cutting service is disabled after you install GEE Server software. You must manually enable the Cutter tool:
    • In GEE 5.0: gecutter enable
    • In earlier versions: geserveradmin --enable_cutter
  • The Cutter tool writes temporary files to the globes/.globe_builder folder. These temporary files are removed following successful globe cutting operations. However, if the globe cutting operations are interrupted, files might be left in the globes/.globe_builder folder. You can manually remove the leftover files.
  • Stopping the GEE Server during a cut might result in cut that is not fully formed.
  • Globe cutting operations can sometimes be interrupted, resulting in “runaway” globe cutting processes that an administrator must manually halt at the operating system level. See Manually halt the cutter process.
  • The Cutter web tool is incompatible with load-balanced configurations, and should only be operated on a machine that end users can access directly. This can be a production machine with GEE Server software that is hosting a 3D globe, or a development machine that has GEE Server software installed. You can serve portable globes (.glb files) that have already been created from load-balanced GEE Servers or any web server.