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Release notes: Open GEE 5.3.7ΒΆ

New Features

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In 5.3.7, the Fusion UI was updated from using the Qt3 UI toolkit to Qt4. Qt4 was bundled with Earth Enterprise. This offers a more modern appearence for fusion and makes it easier to upgrade other libraries.

Supported Platforms

The Open GEE 5.3.7 release is supported on 64-bit versions of the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.x and 7.x, including the most recent security patches
  • CentOS 6.x and 7.x
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

NOTE: CentOS 6 was officially retired in November 2020, and is no longer available for download except through CentOS archives. CentOS 6 was not tested for this release or 5.3.6. CentOS 6 will not be supported in future releases.

Google Earth Enterprise 5.3.7 is compatible with Google Earth Enterprise Client (EC) version 7.1.5 and above.

To upgrade from Open GEE 5.2.0, do NOT uninstall it. We recommend that you upgrade Open GEE 5.2.0 by simply installing Open GEE 5.3.7. Installing Open GEE 5.3.7 on top of Open GEE 5.2.0 will ensure that your PostgreSQL databases are backed up and upgraded correctly to the new PostgreSQL version used by Open GEE 5.3.7.

Resolved Issues

Number Description Resolution
1868 Apache proxy configurations missing in HTTP modules Added missing apache module for gehttpd server build
1861 Invalid variables when reporting postgres errors Corrected variable names
1858 Remove Apache 2.2 references from the docs Documentation updated
1856 WMS tiles stitching is mixed with fetching Moved stitching into separate function

Known Issues

See the GitHub issues page for a list of known issues.