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Permission deniedΒΆ

Error message

Permission denied


Fusion tried to read from or write to disk and permission was denied, indicating that read/write permissions are not set correctly.

Background daemons run as the gefusionuser:gegroup user and group build assets in Fusion. Even if a file has the correct permissions set, the Fusion daemons cannot access it unless all of the parent directories have both read and execute permissions set for gefusionuser:gegroup. You must be particularly careful to set permissions that allow these Fusion daemons to access any source files that you create or copy. Typically, you should grant read access for all.

Publishing while logged in as root can cause permissions errors such as this. If you were previously able to publish and are now getting this error, correct the errors and publish under a user-level profile.


Enter this command:

chmod -R 755 /src

Replace src with the top-level folder that contains your resources.