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Maps display grey tiles

Publishing issues (such as 2D browser-based maps that display grey tiles or no imagery) can indicate a hostname error. For example, accidentally setting the hostname to localhost.localdomain instead of

To verify the hostname:

Query the Fusion 2D map configuration directly from the web browser:

A response that includes a line like the example below indicates that GEE is directing users to your local host instead of the publishing server.

var stream_url = "http://localhost.localdomain/default_map";

To correct the hostname:

  1. Query hostname -f on the server, and verify that the path to the hostname can be resolved. (In other words, verify that users can access the URL.)
  2. To correct the hostname for all assets on your server, run geconfigureassetroot --fixmasterhost.
  3. Republish the database to the virtual server.
  4. Verify that the URL displays the map correctly.

If the URL does not display your map at all, run geserveradmin --publisheddbs on your Fusion machine to verify that you published the database to the correct virtual server. If you don’t see listed with the database you want to publish, then republish the database.

To further diagnose the issue, review the /opt/google/gehttpd/logs/error_log or run the geecheck script.