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Release notes: Open GEE 5.2.3

New Features

C++11 support. With release 5.2.3 Open GEE C++ code now supports and defaults to compiling using the -std=gnu++11 compile flag. This default can be overridden and the C++ code can be compiled using the -std=gnu++98 flag instead. However, Open GEE 5.2.3 will be the last release to support compiling C++ code using the -std=gnu++98 flag. The subsequent releases after Open GEE 5.2.3 will no longer support the -std=gnu++98 flag. All C++ code will need to conform to the gnu++11 standard.

Remove TCP/IP connections to PostgreSQL. With release 5.2.3 Open GEE code will now, by default, connect to PostgreSQL exclusively using Unix domain sockets. This will make it easier to secure PostgreSQL for security sensitive installations. For those upgrading from a previous release the following files will need to be changed before disabling PostgreSQL tcp listener:

  • /opt/google/search/conf/ExampleSearch.conf
  • /opt/google/search/conf/GEPlacesSearch.conf
  • /opt/google/search/conf/PoiSearch.conf

You will need to change the host from ‘’ to ‘/tmp’ Volume deletion. geconfigureassetroot now supports the option --removevolume for volume deletion.

Performance tuning for gecombineterrain. gecombineterrain now supports the option --numCompressThreads which specifies the number of maximum worker threads used to compress packets in this operation. If not specified gecombineterrain defaults this option to match the number of available CPUs.

Package name customization at build time. Scons build now accepts a custom label argument which is appended to the version in RPM file names.

Rewrite KML URLs. Users can rewrite the URLs for KML resources included in databases at publish time.

Maps API JavaScript Files. Maps API Javascript files are now available and installed at /opt/google/gehttpd/htdocs/maps/mapfiles.

Supported Platforms

The Open GEE 5.2.3 release is supported on 64-bit versions of the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.x and 7.x, including the most recent security patches
  • CentOS 6.x and 7.x
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS

Google Earth Enterprise 5.2.3 is compatible with Google Earth Enterprise Client (EC) version 7.1.5 and above.

To upgrade from Open GEE 5.2.0, do NOT uninstall it. We recommend that you upgrade Open GEE 5.2.0 by simply installing Open GEE 5.2.3. Installing Open GEE 5.2.3 on top of Open GEE 5.2.0 will ensure that your PostgreSQL databases are backed up and upgraded correctly to the new PostgreSQL version used by Open GEE 5.2.3.

Resolved Issues

Number Description Resolution
225 Fusion lets you create folder with space in the name AssetManager UI only allows letters, numbers, and underscores for directory name creation
226 Verify the wrongly spelled “aquisition” is not appearing anywhere in the product Fixed these spelling errors by replacing with Acquisition in multiple files.
337 Add a compiler version check to scons scripts Scons scripts ensure gcc version 4.8+ is installed before continuing with builds
342 Fusion UI crashes when opening non supported type of file Added check to kiasset, ktasset, xml file load to handle invalid files
535 often is not staged properly for install Tutorial download script is now included in the Fusion RPM
682 Update geconfigurepublishroot to fully correct file permissions geconfigurepublishroot recursively sets the owner and permissions for publish root
731 Error in publish of SSL-enabled database Temporary fix from 5.2.2 was found to be the best solution
762 Package libraries and utilities common to Fusion and Server for Ubuntu 16 opengee-common deb packages can be created for Ubuntu 16
806 gecombineterrain defaulted to only 1 cpu to process data and ignored arguments Added –numCompressThreads option to accept the number of threads to use. Default value is the number of CPUs available. Deprecated –numcpus option
821 Calling geeInitMap results in an infinite recursive loop Code to display non-existent polygon removed
835 GE Server gets its URL from the client instead of itself Fixed code so that when you publish DB, GEServer’s URL will be used and not the URL which we get from the Publish request message.
861 Running diagnostics on a server only installation will result in a failure for testAdqeuateDiskSpace This test is skipped if Fusion is not present.
877 Fusion RPM install scripts to only chown the asset root when necessary Recursively chown only when the asset root directory has incorrect ownership on a Fusion master host. This allows upgrading Fusion on machines where changing asset root ownership recursively would be very expensive.
912 TestDiskSpace diagnostics test fails on CentOS7 Changed a function to return the percentage of available disk space instead of the percentage of used disk space.

Known Issues

Number Description Workaround
4 Google basemap fails to load in 2D Mercator Maps Obtain a valid Google Maps API key and include it in /opt/google/gehttpd/htdocs/maps/maps_google.html.
8 Ensure GEE Portable Cutter Job Completes No current work around.
9 Improve FileUnpacker Handling of Invalid Files No current work around.
20 Simplify build process for portable builds on MacOS Building and running Portable Server on MacOS should be possible with minimal changes.
34 Scons build creates temporary directories named “0” No current work around.
126 The Fusion installer creates a backup on the first run No current work around. The created backup can be deleted.
127 Incorrect error messages from Fusion installer No current work around.
190 Hostname mismatch check in installers doesn’t work as expected No current work around.
193 Updated docs are not copied if the /tmp/fusion_os_install directory already exists Delete /tmp/fusion_os_install at the beginning of the stage_install build process.
200 stage_install fails on the tutorial files when /home and /tmp are on different file systems Ensure that /home and /tmp are on the same file system or download the tutorial files to /opt/google/share/tutorials/fusion/ after installing Fusion.
201 Some tiles are displayed incorrectly in the Enterprise Client when terrain is enabled No current work around.
202 Icons are not displayed on vector layers in the Enterprise Client No current work around. It is not clear if this is an error in GEE or in the Enterprise Client.
203 Some vector layer options are not saved No current work around.
221 The asset manager may display that a job is “Queued” when in fact the job is “Blocked” No current work around.
234 Geserver raises error executing apache_logs.pyc No current work around.
254 Automasking fails for images stored with UTM projection Use GDAL to convert the images to a different projection before ingesting them into Fusion.
269 gevectorimport doesn’t crop features Use GDAL/OGR to crop vector dataset before importing them using Fusion.
295 Fix buffer overflows and leaks in unit tests No current work around.
309 Check for the FusionConnection before new asset is populated Make sure that gefusion service is started.
320 The Portable Server web page uses obsolete REST calls Do not use the buttons on the Portable Server web interface for adding remote servers or broadcasting to remote servers as these features are no longer supported.
326 Libraries may be loaded from the wrong directory Delete any library versions that should not be loaded or use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to load libraries from /opt/google/lib.
340 GE Fusion Terrain is black No current work around.
342 Fusion crashes when opening an unsupported file type Re-open Fusion and avoid opening unsupported file types.
343 gefusion: File ->open->*.kiasset*,*.ktasset*,*.kip does not work kip is not a supported format. Void opening files with .kip extension.
380 Provider field in resource-view is blank Open the individual resource to see the provider.
401 GEE commands are not in the path for sudo. Specify the full path when running commands or add /opt/google/bin to the path for all users, including the super user.
402 Provider manager window locked to main window. No current work around.
403 Missing Close button on system manager window in RHEL 7 Right-click the title bar and select Close.
404 Opaque polygons in preview. No current work around.
405 Vector layer preview not cleared in some situations Reset the preview window to the correct state by either clicking on it or previewing another vector layer.
407 Corrupt data warning when starting Fusion No current work around but Fusion loads and runs correctly.
419 Fix Fusion Graphics Acceleration in Ubuntu 14 Docker Container Hosted on Ubuntu 16 No current work around.
437 Rebooting VM while it is building resources results in a corrupted XML No current work around.
439 Uninstalling Fusion without stopping it results in unexpected error message Ignore that error message.
440 Fuzzy imagery in historical imagery tests. No current work around.
442 Multiple database pushes after upgrade don’t report a warning No current work around.
444 Fusion installer does not upgrade the asset root on RHEL 7 Upgrade the asset root manually by running the command that is printed when you try to start the Fusion service.
445 Path to tutorial source volume in gee_test instructions is different from path used in installers Use /opt/google/share/tutorials.
448 Out of Memory issues Use a system that has more than 4GB RAM.
453 Improve `check_server_processes_running` detection for uninstall No current work around.
456 Inconsistent behavior of vector layers after upgrade No current work around.
460 Possibility of seg fault in QDateWrapper No current work around.
474 Running gee_check on some supported platforms reports that the platform is not supported You can ignore the failed test if using a supported platform (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, RHEL 7, and CentOS 7).
477 ‘service geserver stop/start/restart’ doesn’t work on Ubuntu 16.04 without a reboot Reboot and try again.
487 gdal - python utilities do not recognize osgeo module Install python-gdal.
507 Volume host is reported unavailable if `hostname` doesn’t match volume host Set the host values in /gevol/assets/.config/volumes.xml to the FQDN and restart the Fusion service.
557 WMS service problem with ‘width’ & ‘height’ & ‘bbox’ No current work around.
569 geserver service installation and uninstallation issues Before uninstalling geserver verify if it’s running or not.
590 Maps API JavaScript Files Not Found No current work around.
594 Save errors only reported for the first image Close the form in question and try again.
640 Save button disabled in ‘Map Layer’ creation dialog when an error encountered Close the resource form and open it again to make the save option available again.
651 Release executables and libraries depend on gtest Follow current build instructions that requires gtest to be installed.
669 Missing repo in RHEL 7 build instructions Enable rhel-7-server-optional-rpms and rhel-7-server-optional-source-rpms repos.
686 Scons fails to detect libpng library on CentOS 6 Ensure that a default g++ compiler is installed.
700 Add EL6/EL7 check to RPMs Make sure that RPMS are installed on same EL version that they were produced for.
788 Search fails after transferring and publishing a database using disconnected send from the command line Re-publish the database from the web interface.
825 Geserver fails to startup fully due to conflicting protobuf library Run pip uninstall protobuf to uninstall the protobuf library installed by pip.