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Search tabs page

The Search tabs page of the GEE Server Admin console is where you can customize search services. From this page you can:

  • View the default search tabs:
    • POISearch: Search from select vector and map layer fields.
    • GeocodingFederated: Search for places or coordinates.
    • Places: Search for places using the built-in locations database.
    • Coordinate: Search for latitude, longitude pairs. The following formats are supported:
      • Decimal Degrees (e.g. 39.507618° -84.168556°)
      • Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (e.g. 20°40′01.51″S 131°53′51.39″E)
      • Degrees, Decimal Minutes (e.g. 49°32.876′N 110°9.193′E)
      • Universal Transverse Mercator (e.g. 43 R 637072.95 m E 2825582.86 m N)
      • Military Grid Reference System (e.g. 36NTL8040632621)
  • Create new search tabs: Click Create New and provide a search name, label, and parameters.
  • Edit search tabs: Check the box next to a search tab and click Edit. Editing a default search tab creates a new search tab with your changes.
  • Delete custom search tabs: Check the box next to a custom search tab and click Delete.

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