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Publish default database

Google Earth Enterprise (GEE) Server allows users to publish one 3D database as the default database. This is the database that will be served when Earth Client signs into the base URL without including a database name.

Publishing as Default

To make a 3D database the default database, simply select “On” for “Default Database” when publishing the database.

Publish as default

This can also be done from the command line by including the --setecdefault option with the geserveradmin --publishdb command.

e.g., geserveradmin --publishdb SFDb_3d --targetpath SFDb_3d --setecdefault

Note that only one database can be the default at any given time. If you publish a database as the default, the previous default will be cleared.

Viewing the Default Database

To view the default database in Earth Client, simply sign into the base URL of the GEE Server. (e.g.,