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Building a Historical Imagery Project

To build a historical imagery project:

  1. Follow the steps in Defining and Building Resources to define and build the following:

    Name (Resources/Imagery/…) Acquisition Date Provider Mask Source File
    BlueMarble Any date. The date of the base image does not affect historical imagery browsing. NASA Imagery No Mask bluemarble_4km.tif
    SFBayAreaLanSat_20021010 2002-10-10 USGS Imagery Auto Mask Tolerance: 2 Default for all other mask values. usgsLanSat.tif
    i3_15Meter_20041010 2004-10-10 i3 Auto Mask Default values. i3SF15-meter.tif
    SFHighResInset_20061010 2006-10-10 USGS Imagery Auto Mask Default values. usgsSFHiRes.tif
  2. Open a new Imagery Project and add each of the image resources to the project:

    • Resources/Imagery/BlueMarble
    • Resources/Imagery/SFBayAreaLanSat_20021010
    • Resources/Imagery/i3_15Meter_20041010
    • Resources/Imagery/SFHighResInset_20061010
  3. Select the Support Historical Imagery checkbox.

  4. Select File > Save.

  5. Enter Projects/Imagery/SFBayAreaHistorical as the name of your project and click Save.

  6. Build the SFBayAreaHistorical project.

  7. Create a new Earth Database and add the SFBayAreaHistorical project.

  8. Save the new database as Databases/SFBayAreaHistorical.

  9. Build and push the database to GEE Server, then publish it on GEE Server to the default Publish point.

  10. Launch Google Earth EC.

  11. Enter or select the host name or IP address of your server in the Server field, and specify the Publish point that you selected when you published your map database.

    For example, if you specify SFBayAreaHistorical-v001, it will be accessible from

  12. Zoom in to the San Francisco Bay Area.

  13. Select the Historical Imagery toolbar button Historical Imagery toolbar button to display a time slider. The time slider allows you to move the view through time.

The following two screens show how this project is displayed in the Google Earth EC client. Notice the timeslider is visible and the differences between the imagery dates and content.
Historical Image From Oct 10 2004

Historical Image From Oct 10 2006