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Configure fonts for the Text Style dialogΒΆ

When you are specifying a map layer in Google Earth Enterprise Fusion, the Text Style dialog allows users to select the text style for vector labels. (See Specifying Search Fields for Individual Layers.) Google Earth Enterprise Fusion supplies only one font and style, Sans regular. However, if you want to provide a choice of fonts for your users to select in the Text Style dialog, you can create a font list file that contains information about the fonts you want to support. This section explains how to create a font list file.

To create a font list file:

  1. Create an ASCII text file and save it as /opt/google/share/fonts/fontlist.
  2. For each font you want to support, enter one line in the file that contains the four following pieces of information:
    • Font name - the name of the font, which appears on the drop-down list of fonts available in the Text Style dialog (for example, TimesRoman). No spaces are allowed in the font face name. Multiple variations of the font, such as regular, bold, italic, are automatically grouped under the same name in the drop-down list.
    • File Path - the full path to the TrueType (.ttf) font file. No spaces are allowed in this path.
    • Bold - 1 if the font is bold; 0 if not.
    • Italic - 1 if the font is italic (or oblique); 0 if not.
  3. Save the file.

For example, your font list file might contain:

LucidaBrightDemi /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaBrightDemiBold.ttf 1 0
LucidaBrightDemi /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaBrightDemiItalic.ttf 0 1
LucidaBright /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaBrightItalic.ttf 0 1
LucidaBright /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaBrightRegular.ttf 0 0
LucidaSansDemi /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaSansDemiBold.ttf 1 0
LucidaSans /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaSansRegular.ttf 0 0
LucidaTypewriter /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaTypewriterBold.ttf 1 0
LucidaTypewriter /usr/local/lib/fonts/LucidaTypewriterRegular.ttf 0 0
LucidaTypewriter /usr/local/lib/oblique-fonts/LucidaTypewriterBoldOblique.ttf 1 1
LucidaSansDemi /usr/local/lib/oblique-fonts/LucidaSansDemiOblique.ttf 0 1
LucidaSans /usr/local/lib/oblique-fonts/LucidaSansOblique.ttf 0 1
LucidaTypewriter /usr/local/lib/oblique-fonts/LucidaTypewriterOblique.ttf 0 1